Truths Publishing publishes non-fiction books, courses and other information products on health-related topics.

The company was founded to address the overwhelming volume of confusing, contradictory and inaccurate information available on the subjects of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.

Truths Publishing is focused on offering information products which present the simple truths on a given topic rather than contributing to the misinformation so prevalent in health-related literature.

Below is a summary of the company's current and future publications. To learn more, please visit each product's respective website.

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Effortlessly Reach and Maintain Your Perfect Weight

Eat less and exercise more. For more than a century, that's been the dominant prescription for weight loss. And t his  advice continues today despite its well- documented failure rate of more than 95%.

Over this same time period, several insightful medical practitioners and eating specialists extensively researched a completely different approach to weight management – an approach delivering far greater success due to its precise alignment with the true nature of human physiology. Disappointingly, their amazing results have been overshadowed by the vast propaganda of the profit-driven weight-loss, food, and exercise industries.

Now, for the first time, the work of these maverick obesity experts has been comprehensively captured in an easy-to-
read and simple-to-understand home-study course that:
  • Discredits the prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection about weight loss.
  • Explains the fundamental and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight management.
  • Describes the researchers' successful approach and the uncomplicated steps for its implementation.

Title: Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight,

Nutrition and Fitness
Subtitle: Internalize the wisdom in this breakthrough
course and never struggle with your weight ever again

Author: Allen Oelschlaeger author's website
Category: Health & Fitness/Weight Loss
ISBN 13: 978-0-9792734-4-5
ISBN 10: 0-9792734-4-7
Publication: November 2007
Price: $39.95
Pages: 448
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: Softcover
LCCN: 2007901473

This comprehensive weight-loss program for adults includes the above title ("Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness") along with additional assistance via special reports, a newsletter, direct contact with the author, and other materials.

Title: The "Never Struggle With Your Weight Ever Again" Weight Loss Course
Author: Allen Oelschlaeger
Price: Varies by buyer selection

This comprehensive program is for parents concerned about the weight of a child. The program includes the above title ("Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness") along with additional assistance via special reports,
a newsletter, direct contact with the author, and other materials.

Title: The Straight Scoop About Childhood Obesity
Author: Allen Oelschlaeger
Price: $74.95

Don’t give another nickel to the $60 billion weight-
loss indus
try until you have read this book

For decades the weight-loss industry has bombarded us with  a torrent of confusing and contradictory information about the cause and treatment of overweight. That way, when their
diets fail, they can claim it's all our fault.

And fail they do. Scientific studies repeatedly show that more 95% of dieters gain back any lost weight – often overshooting where they started.

After more than 30 years of research, Sharon Greene Patton knows why – dieting actually inflicts physiological changes that make people fat. That was true when this book was originally published in 1983 as "Stop Dieting - Start Living" and is true now with the release of this updated edition.

In fact, "The Straight Scoop About Dieting" makes a convincing argument that the increase in dieting over the last 25 years (one indicator – $11 billion spent then, $60 billion spent now) is the principle cause of the current "obesity epidemic."

Patton's findings will clear up the confusion delivered by the weight-loss industry, eliminate the quilt and shame of past dieting failures, and open your mind to a non-dieting approach to weight loss that actually works.

Title: The Straight Scoop About Dieting
Author: Sharon Greene Patton
Subtitle: Learn the truths about weight loss-diets so
you can stop feeling guilty and start losing weight.

Category: Health & Fitness/Weight Loss
ISBN 13: 978-0-9792734-5-2
ISBN 10: 0-9792734-5-5
Publication: December 2007
Price: $17.95
Pages: 256
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: Softcover
LCCN: 2007904415

This free online resource, which is sponsored by Truths Publishing, provides valuable information about weight loss, nutrition and fitness. Content for the site is contributed by various authors and edited by Allen Oelschlaeger, the author  of "Finally, The Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness."

Title: Health and Fitness Truths Website
Author: Allen Oelschlaeger
Price: Free

Here are some of the health and fitness titles Truths Publishing has planned for future publications:  
  • BITE – The Century-Old Foolproof Method To Effortlessly Reach and Maintain Your Perfect Weight
  • Sensible Nutrition and Fitness
  • The Straight Scoop About The Weight-Loss Industry
  • Why Are Most Of Us So Darn Fat 
Also, under a different imprint, Truths Publishing plans to publish the following:
  • The Growth Equation for Small Business
  • Small Business Innovation
  • Systemize and Automate Your Sales
  • Nonfiction Publishing Wealth

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