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The Straight Scoop About Dieting – Learn the truths about weight-loss diets so you can
stop feeling guilty and start losing weight

Don’t give another nickel to the $60 billion weight-loss industry until you
have read this book

For decades the weight-loss industry has bombarded us with a torrent of confusing and contradictory
information about the cause and treatment of overweight. That way, when their diets fail,they can
claim it's all our fault.

And fail they do. Scientific studies repeatedly show that more 95% of dieters gain back any lost
weight – often overshooting where they started.

After more than 30 years of research, Sharon Greene Patton knows why – dieting actually inflicts
physiological changes that make people fat. That was true when this book was originally published
in 1983 as Stop Dieting - Start Living! and is still true with the release of this updated edition.

In fact, The Straight Scoop About Dieting makes a convincing argument that the increase in dieting
over the last 25 years (one indicator – $11 billion spent then, $60 billion spent now) is the
principle cause of the current “obesity epidemic.”

Patton's findings will clear up the confusion delivered by the weight-loss industry, eliminate the
guilt and shame of past dieting failures, and open your mind to a non-dieting approach to weight
loss that actually works.

Ms. Patton strikes a perfect balance between personal experience and scientific research,
providing a richly humorous and informative read. Anyone who has ever dieted will recognize
him or herself in her writings. Before you try that next fad diet or weight-reducing gadget, sit
yourself down and read this book. It will change your life.

-- Karen Provenza, middle school teacher, Napa, CA

I am thrilled to learn of your book being published once again. It has been an invaluable aid to
me and my friends since I first read it in the early 1980s. Reading your book those many
years ago was the beginning of my healing from diets and self loathing. I have kept it and
referred to it so many times through the years. When it was first published, it was way ahead
of its time. Now with the greater understanding of weight issues, your book could reach and
help more people than ever before. If ever a book should be featured on Oprah, it is yours.

-- Margaret Tannich, business owner and life coach, Houston, TX

Sharon Greene Patton has a BA and a Master’s Degree in English Literature. Besides devoting
more than 25 years to dieting before realizing it doesn’t work, she taught literature and writing
at San Francisco State University, worked as a writerand editor in New York City and served as editor
of a national magazine in Washington, DC. She and her husband Jim have a college-aged daughter,
Kate, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area where she has worked as a freelance writer for the past
15 years.

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