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Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness – Internalize the
wisdom in this breakthrough course and never struggle with your weight ever again

Effortlessly Reach and Maintain Your Perfect Weight

Eat less and exercise more. For over a century, that's been the dominant prescription for weight
loss. And this advice continues today despite its well-established failure rate of more than 95%.

Over this same period, several insightful medical practitioners and eating specialists extensively
researched a completely different approach to weight management – an approach delivering far
greater success due to its precise alignment with the true nature of human physiology. Disappointingly,
their amazing results have been overshadowed by the vast propaganda of the profit-driven weight-
loss, food, and exercise industries.

Now, for the first time, the work of these maverick obesity experts has been comprehensively captured
in an easy-to-read and simple-to-understand home-study course that:

  • Discredits the prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection about weight loss, eating well,
    and exercise.
  • Explains the fundamental and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight management.
  • Describes these researchers' successful approach and the uncomplicated steps for its
Get ready to abandon what you thought was true about weight loss, eating well, and exercise

Here's just a small sampling of what you’ll learn:
  • The real cause for the increased incidence of overweight and obesity over the last 30 years.
  • Why the weight-loss advice to consciously eat less and exercise more is impractical and futile.
  • The author's B.I.T.E. Method for effortless weight management.

"The information in this course turned my understanding of how to lose weight upside down and made
so much sense I knew it would work. 16 months later I had lost 70 pounds with no food deprivation or
struggle -- and I can't imagine ever gaining the weight back now that I have an accurate understanding
of how my body works."

— Sharron Patapoff, 61-year old mother of two

"I read an early draft of Allen's course about two years before it was published that changed my entire
thinking about weight management. I've applied what I learned to my own situation with great results
and am eager for the published version to be available for my patients."

— Dr. Westfall, practicing physician and inventor of the CPR Microshield

"As the co-editor of a health journal I'm exposed to almost everything new written on the topics of weight,
nutrition, and fitness. I can honestly say that Allen's course is one of the most comprehensive, accurate
and eye-opening texts I've seen on these topics in many years. Everyone interested in separating out the
facts from the fiction and improving their health should take advantage of this valuable resource."

— Jon Robison, PhD, MS Nutritionist, Co-Editor of Health At Every Size Journal

Allen Oelschlaeger has undergraduate degrees in biology and pharmacy, a masters-level business degree
and more than 35 years of experience as a pharmacist, medical-industry executive, and weight-loss researcher.
His concern about the confusing, contradictory and inaccurate information available on weight, nutrition, and
fitness compelled him to dig deeper into the scientific research, publish a newsletter on these topics and devote
three years to writing this course.

In addition to this 36-step 448-page manual, the course includes free access to a website with downloadable
reports on such topics as self image, body acceptance and emotional eating. Supplemental reports for
diabetics and parents are also available via this valuable online resource.

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