Biography - Allen Oelschlaeger

Allen Oelschlaeger is a weight loss, nutrition and fitness expert who doesn’t carry the
baggage so prevalent with most experts on these subjects. For example, he is:
  • NOT tied to the weight-loss, food or exercise industries in any way whatsoever
  • NOT an academic researcher with financial ties to these industries
  • NOT a promoter of some dietary supplement, club/program membership, diet pill, exercise video,
    or surgical procedure
  • NOT a professional writer with an agent and publisher who have control over what he can or
    cannot say.
  • NOT Dr. Phil and he’s never been on Oprah (although he wouldn’t reject the opportunity)
Instead, he is simply a premier expert on the topics of weight, nutrition and fitness who got fed-up and
disgusted with the lack of truthful information on these subjects and became passionate about making
it available.

Where did his expertise come from?
  • Allen grew up in a family with weight problems so, from early childhood, he experienced all the struggles, the nagging, the health problems, the diets, the special foods, the programs. Without getting into all the gory details, Allen can definitely say he has "seen it all." Allen has a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Pharmacy, providing an education in human physiology, nutrition and pharmaceuticals few others can claim. He also has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

  • His work experience has been as a healthcare provider both in retail and hospital pharmacy and as a senior executive in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. In these roles, Allen has gone on medical rounds with physicians, performed nutrition research, provided nutrition education to diabetics, and interacted at the highest levels within one of the largest drug companies in the U.S.

  • From the time Allen’s daughter was 8, he has had a second career as a diabetic mentor. Since 1994, he has gone to diabetes seminars, read books on diabetes, attended family-training workshops, and personally dealt with the day (and night) time issues created by this disease. As a result of having his daughter treated at a nationally-recognized children's hospital, he learned from some of the world's experts.

  • Allen has been a lifelong fanatical researcher on anything having to do with weight management, nutrition and fitness. He has read the books, studied the research, and tracked the results. Also, to directly experience what he was learning, Allen has personally tried a large number of the popular diets, health foods, supplements and exercise regimens.
It was this background, disgust with the antics of the weight-loss industry, and a passion for helping his
diabetic daughter which led Allen to found Truths Publishing in 2006, a publishing company focused on addressing
the overwhelming volume of confusing, contradictory and inaccurate information available on the subjects of weight>
loss, nutrition, and fitness.

Since then, the company has published Allen's Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness,
The Straight Scoop About Dieting by Sharon Greene Patton and the Health and Fitness Truths Website. Allen also
writes two regularly-published newsletters, contributes to several blogs, and is on a mission to change U.S. public
policy concerning the adult/child "obesity epidemic" by increasing awareness of his B.I.T.E. Method for effortless
weight management.

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