News Angles

Since health and fitness is one of the most widely covered news topics, there are almost an unlimited
number of news angles that can be derived from reading Truths Publishing's titles and interviewing its

However, let us suggest a dozen news angles we believe would be of great interest to your readers/

  1. The surprising fallacy of many ingrained beliefs about weight, nutrition, and fitness (e.g., exercise is an
    essential component of any weight-loss effort, the global "obesity epidemic is due people eating more
    unhealthy foods and becoming more sedentary, BMI is a good indicator of healthy weight, scientific
    research by brand name experts and institutions can be trusted as valid, food selection is an important
    factor in any weight-loss program, 3500 calories equals a pound).

  2. Offering a different spin on a current health-and-fitness news story by incorporating an unbiased
    analysis by Allen Oelschlaeger.

  3. Analyzing current public policy concerning the "obesity epidemic" (doesn't anyone notice that all the
    efforts over the last 30 years, which continue today, have only made the problem worse?) and possible
    evidence-based policy changes that could have a far greater impact than what is currently being tried.

  4. The century-old foolproof method to reach and maintain a perfect weight which is little known despite
    being extensively researched by medical professionals and eating specialists and well-validated by
    hundreds of thousands of people.

  5. A story about how it is possible to reach and maintain a perfect weight without the use of pills, surgery,
    diets, behavior modification, diaries, counting fat or carb grams, hypnosis, packaged meals, weigh-ins or
    any of the other traditional methods often prescribed for losing weight.

  6. Interview of a 61-year-old mother of two who lost 73 pounds in 16 months and can't imagine ever gaining
    the weight back now that she has an accurate understanding of how her body works. The fundamental
    and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight management that are in direct conflict with almost
    every prescribed weight-loss program.

  7. The five simple eating guidelines that, if followed, will provide more-than-sufficient nutrition for most people.

  8. Why it is so important to increase the pleasure you get from eating in order to lose weight.

  9. How people can increase their fitness and gain over 80% of the value of being more physically active without

  10. The strong connection between the mind and body that can dramatically impact a person's health and fitness.

  11. The only four supplements people may want to take as "nutritional insurance" and how to intelligently decide if
    others will provide a health benefit.

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