Origin and explanation of Allen Oelschlaeger's B.I.T.E. Method for Effortless
Weight Management

In the U.S. 50-100 million adults are trying to lose weight and millions of parents are looking for help in
dealing with the rising incidence of childhood obesity.

Consumer surveys repeatedly show dissatisfaction with the available books on weight, nutrition and
fitness because they all have at least one of the following problems:

  1. Create more confusion than help due to contradictory recommendations.
  2. Have too much data to remember (e.g., counts of calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, or glycemic
    indexes; forbidden foods; specific food combinations)
  3. Require adherence to complicated and almost-impossible-to-follow regimens (e.g., food journals,
    specific menus/recipes, exercise routines, meetings).
  4. Assume the reader has an emotional problem with food or a full-blown eating disorder.
  5. Serve as just a promotional message for some weight-loss aid.
  6. Are written in a tone that causes worry and guilt, rather than providing real help.
Allen Oelschlaeger became acutely aware of these issues in searching for a health-information resource
for his diabetic daughter who was heading off to college. After much research he couldn't find even one
text he thought was acceptable.

This prompted him to take advantage of his 35 years as a pharmacist, medical-industry executive, and
weight-loss researcher to embark on a three-year project to identify the truths about weight, nutrition
and fitness. His research included reading hundreds of books and articles dating back as far as the late
1800s and interviewing many experts in the field. Through this research he learned the following:
  1. The dominant weight-loss prescription of "eat less and exercise more" as well as almost every
    other weight-loss prescription have a failure rate of more than 95%.
  2. Over the last century several insightful medical practitioners and eating specialists have
    extensively researched a completely different approach to weight management an approach
    delivering far greater success due to its precise alignment with the true nature of human
  3. This work has been overshadowed by the vast propaganda of the profit-driven weight-loss,
    food, and exercise industries and, thus, is not widely known.
With this insight, Oelschlaeger decided there was a need to comprehensively capture the work of
these maverick obesity experts in a home-study course that would:
  • Discredit the prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection about weight loss.
  • Explain the fundamental and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight management.
  • Describe the successful approach studied by these innovative researchers and the uncomplicated
    steps for its implementation.
The resulting 448-page course does not require any memorization or specific diet and exercise reg-
imens. Its primary goal is to convince people to ignore all outside influence about how to become
healthy and fit and, instead, rediscover and act on their body's natural regulatory signals.

The course is structured into 36 steps which are easy-to-read and simple-to-understand. For review,
there's a summary of key points at the end of each step.

Readers are encouraged to read through the entire course to develop an accurate understanding of
how their body really works and to realize the fallacy of most of what they've learned about weight,
nutrition, and fitness. Then, once readers have internalized this information, the course's recommen-
dations are so simple they are thoroughly recapped on just three pages at the end of the course.
Such a short summary is possible because the positive results people experience with this course are
mostly derived from correct thinking about weight management rather than implementation of complex
diet and exercise regimens.

However, for many, a set of recommendations that's three pages in length can still be a challenge for
people to remember and act upon. This realization led Oelschlaeger to simplify his advice even further
with the creation of his B.I.T.E. Method for effortless weight management.

B.I.T.E. is an acronym which represents the following:

Believe: Believing it's possible to be at a "healthy and fit" weight and enjoy the resulting benefits you
much deserve.

Ignore: Ignoring the so-prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection about weight loss which
block any chance of you losing weight.

Trust: Trusting your body will tell you how to treat it right via its natural regulatory signals so you can
reach and maintain a weight that's perfect for you.

Experiment: Experimenting with food and activity in order to know what's best for your one-of-a-
kind physiology.

Once people understand the fallacy of what they thought was true about weight, the uniqueness of
each individual's physiology, the strong connection between the mind and body and the fundamental
and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight management, this acronym is a powerful tool for
effortless weight management.

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