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Father of diabetic child gets fed up with weight loss, food, and exercise industries

MEQUON, Wis. Allen Oelschlaeger, a pharmacist, medical-industry executive and weight-loss
researcher has published a 448-page home-study course focused on addressing the confusing,
contradictory and inaccurate information so prevalent on the topics of weight, nutrition, and

The title of the course is Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition and Fitness. Its
subtitle captures what this course is designed to accomplish - Internalize the wisdom in this
breakthrough course and never struggle with your weight ever again.

Oelschlaeger started writing this course in 2004 in response to his diabetic daughter heading off
to college and not being able to find a single printed resource he could, in good conscience,
provide her as a reference on the topics of weight, nutrition, and fitness.

"I basically got fed up with the misinformation, misdirection and, in some cases, downright lies,
offered by the weight loss, food and exercise industries and decided a resource was needed that
shared the truths. So I took what I already knew and then spent 3 years writing and digging
deep into the scientific research to create this course," Oelschlaeger said.

Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness:

  • Discredits the prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection about weight loss.
  • Explains the fundamental and unchanging truths about the physiology of weight
  • Describes the almost effortless weight-loss strategy (the B.I.T.E. method) that's been
    available for decades but relatively unknown.
Oelschlaeger's comprehensive home-study course is available at retail and online
bookstores or direct from the publisher at


Contact: Allen Oelschlaeger
888-308-3839 Option 4
Cell: 262-893-3839

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