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The obesity epidemic – could the widely practiced treatment be the cause?

MEQUON, Wis. – Eat less and exercise more – everyone knows that's the best treatment for
obesity. Now there is mounting evidence this seemingly-logical and widely-prescribed regimen
actually causes the very condition it is meant to treat.

This evidence dates back more than 100 years according to Allen Oelschlaeger, author of
Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness (,
a home-study course that discredits the prevalent myths, misinformation, and misdirection
about weight loss and describes Oelschlaeger’s B.I.T.E. Method for effortless weight management.

Oelschlaeger says, “The instruction to eat less and exercise more is still the dominant
prescription for weight loss despite its well-established failure rate of more than 95%. More
people are dieting today than ever before yet, as individuals and as a nation, we continue to get
heavier. It's mind-boggling people aren’t putting two and two together.”

Oelschlaeger discovered the link between dieting and weight gain in doing research for his
comprehensive home-study course on losing weight, eating well, and becoming optimally fit.
One of the most eye-opening books he read was published in 1983 and had long been out of
print. Taken by the timeless accuracy of its story, Oelschlaeger chased down the author, Sharon
Greene Patton, to find a way to get it republished.

Patton was thrilled. “I had pretty much given up hope that the truths about weight loss would
ever be understood so people could stop feeling guilty and start losing weight. I thought I could
make a real difference when I wrote the book, but my message was completely overshadowed by
the vast propaganda of the $60 billion weight-loss industry. Now with Allen’s brilliant
packaging of this timeless wisdom, his passion for sharing the B.I.T.E. Method for weight loss,
and the republishing of my book (The Straight Scoop About Dieting, I think we may have a chance. Our hope is that we can we bring a
revolution to the understanding of weight loss so people can quit having to struggle so much
with their weight.”


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