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The Straight Scoop About Dieting by Sharon Greene Patton

This outspoken, compassionate book speaks for the millions of women who have dieted unsuccessfully
all their lives and have lost their self-esteem but no weight. It explodes the myths and fallacies of
dieting and explains why 95% of dieters gain back any lost weight, often overshooting where they started.

For twenty-fife years Sharon Green Patton was on a dieting merry-go-round that brought her nothing
but grief. Finally one day Ms. Patton just stopped dieting. For the first time she began to really enjoy
food and to accept the body size nature intended her to have. Gradually she lost her obsessive relation-
ship with food and tried to eat normally again. She ate what she wanted, when she wanted, and in the
amounts that truly satisfied her and, surprisingly, she lost weight!

In The Straight Scoop About Dieting, Ms. Patton discusses why dieting makes you fat; why will power
does not and cannot work; why food is neither moral nor immoral; how nature has programmed us to
be of a certain weight; the destructive psychological, physical and emotional effects of starting and
stopping diets; and the difficulties of maintaining your self-respect in a world that demands every
woman to be certain size.

Based on extensive research and interviews, The Straight Scoop About Dieting offers a way to self-
acceptance, personal happiness and weight loss that will be welcomed by every overweight woman in

Readers will find this book clears up the confusion delivered by the weight-loss industry, eliminates
the guilt and shame of past dieting failures, and opens their mind to a non-dieting approach to weight
loss that actually works.

The Straight Scoop About Dieting Learn the truths about weight-loss diets so you can stop feeling
guilty and start losing weight
is available at retail and online bookstores or direct from the publisher at


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