Table of Contents

Finally, the Straight Scoop About Weight, Nutrition, and Fitness Internalize
the wisdom in this breakthrough course and never struggle with your weight ever again

Section 1: Introduction 1

Why I wrote this course 3
How this course is different 13
Taking full advantage of this course’s value 23
Course structure 29

Section 2: Preparing to Become “Healthy and Fit” 33

Step 1: Decide what’s important in your life relative to weight, nutrition and fitness 35
Step 2: Believe it’s possible to become “healthy and fit” 39

Section 3: The Straight Scoop About What You Read and Hear 43

Step 3: Realize billions of dollars are spent to sabotage your efforts 45
Step 4: Ignore all scientific research and “expert” advice 53
Step 5: Don’t let an “outsider” decide what you should weigh 61

Section 4: The Straight Scoop About the Physiology of Weight Management 69

Step 6: Determine your “healthy and fit” weight using the only legitimate approach 71
Step 7: Trust the brilliance of human physiology 79
Step 8: Learn the secrets about the physiology of weight loss 83
Step 9: Don’t pick a fight with your body about what you should weigh 95
Step 10: Stop all real or imagined starvation and food deprivation 107
Step 11: Ignore the foolish explanations given for the increased incidence of obesity 115
Step 12: Understand the REAL cause for the incidence of obesity rising over the last 30 years 123

Section 5: Twelve Steps to Reaching Your Perfect Weight 133

Step 13: Never go on a weight-loss diet EVER again 135
Step 14: Deprogram your mind of your intellectual reasons for eating 153
Step 15: Be mindful of giant food portions 163
Step 16: Increase the pleasure you get from eating 171
Step 17: Evaluate your emotional reasons for eating 179
Step 18: Become an expert on your body’s natural regulatory eating signals 187
Step 19: Reconnect with your hunger 191
Step 20: Reconnect with your appetite 209
Step 21: Reconnect with your satiety 225
Step 22: Implement regulatory-signal-based eating 251
Step 23: Don’t obsess about the “number” on your scale 269
Step 24: Understand why your eating might be GOOFED UP 273

Section 6: Four Steps to Eating Healthily 281

Step 25: Decouple nutrition from weight 283
Step 26: Realize how little is really know about nutrition 289
Step 27: Don’t make food selection an unnecessary burden 301
Step 28: Sensibly take dietary supplements 323

Section 7: Eight Steps to Optimal Fitness 331

Step 29: Decouple nutrition and weight from fitness 333
Step 30: Become more opportunistically active 345
Step 31: Go for a walk 353
Step 32: Improve your physical functionality 357
Step 33: Get rid of any aversion you might have towards exercise 365
Step 34: Exercise a few times per week – if you want 373
Step 35: Get a good night’s sleep 381
Step 36: Relax 387

Section 8: Taking Action 395

Congratulations! 397
View how your body works with curiosity, and then experiment 403
Recommended Actions 407
What to do if you or your physician thinks you should lose more weight 411
Dealing with the psychological impact of setbacks 429
Excerpt Permissions 438
Can I Get Your Input? 439
How to Get More Information 440
Order Form 442

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